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Dubrovnik Astronomy Evening: Spend your Monday under the stars Star: HD 75898; source: Aladin Lite, Digitized Sky Survey

Dubrovnik Astronomy Evening: Spend your Monday under the stars

By  Aug 19, 2019

Name the star!

This summer the creation of the tradition of astronomy in Dubrovnik continues on the fort of Saint Ivan tonight, Monday, August 19th from 9.30 pm until 11 pm at the Dubrovnik Astronomy Evening.

As part of this year's Science Underground Academy program, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the International Astronomical Union, the UR Institute and the Technical Culture Community of Dubrovnik-Neretva county and Dubrovnik City are organizing an Astronomy Evening - the open door of improvised observatory for all citizens and their guests.

This time, participants of the Astronomy Evening will not only have the opportunity to enjoy the stars, get acquainted with the basics of astronomy and astrophotography, but also have a wonderful and unique opportunity to participate in naming (suggesting a name) an exoplanetary system - a star currently named HD 75898, and the associated planet (HD 75898 b).

Everyone is more than welcome, admission is free and enjoyment free of charge! The first 100 children will receive matching glowing bracelets.

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