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camp for free, if illegal, in Dubrovnik camp for free, if illegal, in Dubrovnik Reader's photo

Free camping on a Game of Thrones set in Dubrovnik

By  Gabrijela Bijelić Aug 17, 2019

- Ah, so you are saying that we aren’t allowed to sleep in public parks? We thought it was permissible, we didn't notice the signs. You're not going to report us to the inspection, are you? We are only in Dubrovnik one day, we will walk on the Stradun and tomorrow by bus further to Split – said two rather worried backpackers, Agnieszka and Patryk from Poland.

They are both students, and came to the city to visit the filming locations of the series Game of Thrones, in fact they are touring all of the locations in Croatia. And they spent the night at Gradac Park, where a scene of a royal wedding was filmed in an earlier season of the series. A first-class experience, and completely free. For example, if they were staying at one of the hostels in Dubrovnik, Agnieszka and Patryk would have to pay between 40 and 50 Euros per bed, in a room with 12 beds, so it is clearly more profitable for them. Although of course it is also illegal.


Gradac Park overlooking the stunning Lovrijenac Fortress is a popular site for wild campers, who regularly stay for a night or two overlooking the historic Old City.

- Camping in public spaces is the responsibility of the Tourism Inspectorate of the Ministry of Tourism. However, the City of Dubrovnik Municipal Order Decision also provides for action and in Article 56 (3) states: "Camping is prohibited in public areas, parking lots, public garages and designated parking spaces on public traffic surfaces. Individuals - explained the City of Dubrovnik.

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