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The removal of ATMs from the historical core of Dubrovnik started

By  Aug 16, 2019

Two ATMs, which, without the permission of the conservators, were set up in Siroka Street and for which the City of Dubrovnik Municipal Office issued a Removal Order, have been removed from this location. These are ATMs that the owners themselves have decided to remove in accordance with the Decision based on the Amendments to the Decision on the municipal order, with which the City of Dubrovnik has prohibited the placement of ATMs and other devices in openings of buildings in the historic core.

Following the adoption of the decision, the City Council conducted administrative procedures involving ATMs without valid approvals. After the 30-day deadline has expired, and if the decision is not followed, the City of Dubrovnik Municipal Police will repeatedly punish violators.

Some have already opted to remove improperly installed devices to avoid paying high fines. Penalties, in case of non-compliance with the Decision, will be issued on a daily basis, and they can go up to 200 thousand or even 1 million kuna.

The City of Dubrovnik is the first Croatian city to regulate the issue of the establishment of ATMs, which have started to undermine the appearance of UNESCO's monumental heritage.

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