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Dolphins playing in Dubrovnik Adriatic Dolphins playing in Dubrovnik Adriatic Screenshot

VIDEO - Not one, not two but three dolphins playing in Dubrovnik sea

By  Aug 14, 2019

How rare is it to see dolphins swimming in the Adriatic Sea? Quite rare so to see three playing together is extremely unusual. But that is exactly what happened yesterday.

This video was filmed on a boat trip to the island of Lokrum just 600 metres from the Old City of Dubrovnik. Three dolphins took the opportunity to have some fun with the boat and swam and twisted directly in front of the stern of the boat.

This is a pretty unusual sighting, to see a group of dolphins so close to the shore, and so close to the island of Lokrum. The video was shared by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board after being uploaded onto social media.

"Beautiful dolphins spotted swimming near Lokrum Island. Thank you @ivanraguz01 for sharing this video with us!," commented the tourist board.



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