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Dubrovnik Airport encourages employees to cycle to work

By  Aug 12, 2019

At the Dubrovnik Airport, members of the LAira project team presented the key guidelines and goals of the LAira project, and on that occasion donated gifts to the members of the Konavle Cycling Club.

The LAira project addresses the specific and significant challenges of multimodal and low-carbon mobile airport integration. The aim of the project is to reduce energy use and environmental impacts of transport activities at airports and their environment by changing the mobility patterns of airport passengers and employees.




The event under the motto "Bicycle to Work" once again reminded us that a high dependence on car use leads to traffic congestion, but also physical inactivity, which imposes direct and indirect costs on society. Promoting hiking and biking has been recognized as one way to mitigate such negative effects. Members of the Konavle Cycling Club and employees of Dubrovnik Airport were presented with promotional packages with cycling equipment.


Dubrovnik Airport stresses that it will continue to take different approaches and actions to improve walking and cycling levels and reduce car use to and from the airport. Project Manager Josip Paljetak pointed out that he hopes that an increasing number of employees will be motivated by these and similar actions to change their habits and use other means of transportation.

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