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OVERTOURISM: Dubrovnik in the top three cities with the highest number of tourists per capita

Written by  Aug 09, 2019

Is Dubrovnik struggling with overtourism? This is the question often asked by locals, media and many others, without any clear answer. However, it’s clear that our city is facing overtourism, if not struggling with it, especially from the latest map published by Vivid Maps.

On the map you can see which countries and cities have the highest number of tourists per capita. On the list of cities Dubrovnik is placed third with 1000 tourist per resident while Croatia is second on the list of countries with 3.78 per resident.

-Overtourism happens when there are so many visitors at a location that it negatively impacts locals and/or tourists themselves – Vivid Maps explain, explaning some effects of overtourism such as:
 locals and tourists alike are stuck in overcrowded streets, public spaces or public transport
 tourist gentrification forces residents out of certain areas
 local traditions and institutions being lost and being replaced by souvenir shops
negative impacts on the environment.

overturismOvertourism map

-The country shading shows which countries have the most tourists in comparison to their population. However, overtourism isn’t the same as mass tourism. Some locations are able to cope with millions of tourists, while others struggle handling a small increase – Vivid Maps write, adding that the greener a country the more likely it is that you’re surrounded by locals during peak season.
Every city or location that is marked with a red dot is either struggling with over tourism or has been repeatedly mentioned in news articles and research related to over tourism.

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