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Dubrovnik in the top 12 best vacation destinations for couples

By  Aug 09, 2019

Dubrovnik is an attractive location and it often finds its place on different kinds of bucket lists. The latest feature comes from the website Trips to discover, which put Dubrovnik in the top 12 best vacation destinations for couples.

-Tired of the ordinary, looking for something extraordinary instead? Discover magical destinations across the globe that are practically guaranteed to ignite or re-ignite the spark in any relationship. Taking romantic to a whole new level, whether you want to travel near or far, these are some of the world’s best vacation destinations for couples – it's written in the intro of the article, bringing locations such as Santorini, South Wales, Tanzania, Iceland and of course, Dubrovnik.

-Head to Dubrovnik to enjoy one of the world’s popular spots for romance. Walk in the footsteps of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor who used to enjoy their own romantic liaisons in this medieval city, strolling the narrow side streets and marveling at the dazzling turquoise waters of the Adriatic. From here head to one of the many beautiful islands like unspoiled Vis, where some of the country’s most exclusive wines are produced and you’ll find plenty of secluded bays for cozying up together and gazing out at the stunning scenery – it's written in the article.

See the full list here.