Friday, 13 December 2019
The Dutch version of Mr. Bean arrives in Dubrovnik Mark Thomas

The Dutch version of Mr. Bean arrives in Dubrovnik

By  Aug 02, 2019

You’ve decided to spend your summer holidays in Dubrovnik. You start packing the car and realise that you need to take more stuff than you first planned. Like squeezing clothes into a washing machine you push and push until there is no room for a matchstick.

But wait! If you unloaded the spare tyre, then you could make some more room. But what to do with the spare tyre. In a flash of genius, and seemingly straight out of an episode of Mr. Bean you lash the tyre to the roof. Bingo time for holiday.


These Dutch drivers certainly turned heads today with their over packed car. Clearly they plan on staying in accommodation without air-conditioning as they had even packed a fan with them. But the spare tyre on the roof had us in fits of laughter. Enjoy your Dubrovnik holiday our friends from Holland. And please don’t buy any souvenirs as you really have no room to pack them.


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