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Iconic Dubrovnik tree to be centerpiece of new project

By  Jul 31, 2019

One of the most iconic Dubrovnik landmarks could soon have a facelift. The massive plane tree that dominates the Pile entrance into the Old City will soon be the centre of a new project.

The conceptual design of the landscaping around the plane tree has been completed. The new landscaping aims at improving the habitat conditions for the plane tree which in fact is protected as a monument of park architecture, even though past mayors in Dubrovnik have attempted to cut it down.


This new project will create a new public space for citizens and children and also a shady spot for tourists in the summer heat.

Based on the conservation guidelines and conditions, the Public Institution for the Management of Protected Parts of Nature of Dubrovnik-Neretva County will prepare the project, while the execution of the works, expected in 2020, will be funded by the City of Dubrovnik.

This plateau is a remnant of a former historic building garden at Brsalje, erected in the 18th century. The plane tree is the largest tree in the Pile area and has been under preventive protection since 2007. Since 2012, it has acquired the protected status of a Park Architecture Monument.


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