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Flooded streets of Dubrovnik Flooded streets of Dubrovnik Facebook- Michael Kurtich

VIDEO – The full force of the Sunday rain in Dubrovnik

By  Jul 29, 2019

It was forecast, but nevertheless it caught a few people out. The incredible rains that hit Dubrovnik on Sunday caused flash floods all over Dubrovnik, and none more so than the historic Old City core.

With a hundreds of cruise ships in the town and thousands of tourists the Old City centre was awash with guests, and in a relatively short period of time it was awash with flood water. Dubrovnik resembled another stop on the cruise ships normal route – Venice.

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According to data from the Croatian Meteorological Service 55.4 mm of rain fell on Sunday. This is more in one day than the average for the whole month of July in Dubrovnik, the average normal rainfall for the whole month is normally 32.5 mm.

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