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Paddling on the Stradun Paddling on the Stradun Screenshot

VIDEO – Dubrovnik flooded as torrential rains wash tourists away

By  Jul 29, 2019

When it rains in Dubrovnik it really rains! Summer storms aren’t that rare, in fact in recent times they are more and more frequent.

The heavens opened yesterday and within a few minutes completely flooded the Old City and much of the rest of the city. The flash floods had emergency services on full alert all day with the Dubrovnik Fire Brigade reporting numerous interventions to pump out homes and shops.

These heavy storms and torrential rains aren’t unusual in Dubrovnik, in fact on an annual basis Dubrovnik receives more rain than London, and yes it all tends to fall over a short, sharp period.

Tourists in Dubrovnik normally enjoying a paddle in the Adriatic, but a paddle along the Stradun is probably something they will remember for a long time.