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Wild camping in Kupari Wild camping in Kupari Reader's photo

Camouflaged camping in a former Dubrovnik war zone

Written by  Jul 29, 2019

The former resort of Kupari is still waiting for a brighter future, as it appears that the investor is moving slower than expected, but in the meantime the landscape and the abandoned resort is proving a haven for campers, or rather “wild camping.”

Even though camping in Croatia outside of designated camp sites is actually illegal it doesn’t stop hundreds of campers using the former resort of Kupari every summer. According to the law, camping outside legal campsites is forbidden and you can be penalised for it – currently anyone caught passing a night or two in a vehicle or tent in unregulated and free-from-charge locations, can be fined up to 3,000 Kuna.


This latest camper seems to have at least made an effort to blend in to the surroundings. Parked, or rather camped, in front of the destroyed Hotel Grand in Kupari this camouflaged van brought back memories or a darker chapter in Dubrovnik’s history.


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