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Dubrovnik not attractive for seasonal workers

Written by  Jun 21, 2016

Even though the summer season has already commenced, the Dubrovnik region is still looking for seasonal workers. There are lots of job openings with relatively good pay but there is also an entire list of reasons why seasonal workers avoid Dubrovnik as a desirable city to work in.

According to recently published survey by the MojPosao website that was carried out with 300 people only 14 per cent of them would like to find a job in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County what is twice as less than those who would rather find a job in the Split-Dalmatia County.

''There are many seasonal job openings and the Croatian Employment Bureau (HZZ) receives dozens of job application demands from employers daily'', said from HZZ.

Waiters and chefs are the most wanted seasonal professions in the Dubrovnik region; the demand for chefs is even greater than in last previous seasons. According to data from May there were 44 job openings for waiters and 40 job openings for chefs, which is more than last year. There was also a significant demand for housekeepers and kitchen support staff in May.

The accommodation issue is definitely one of the main problems for seasonal workers. Many flats in Dubrovnik have been converted into tourist apartments thus there aren't enough flats on the open market for domestic subtenants let alone seasonal workers. However, in the rare case that seasonal workers find accommodation, the next obstacle is the extremely high price of renting it. A solution for this issue is crucial for almost 42 per cent of examinees who consider provided accommodation the most important thing in their search for seasonal jobs.

This problem is probably bigger than in other Croatian cities. High accommodation costs make most seasonal jobs unprofitable and it seems that employers are not yet ready to offer better terms.

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