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Iconic Dubrovnik fish market THE place to buy fresh seafood Ahmet Kalajdzic

Iconic Dubrovnik fish market THE place to buy fresh seafood

By  Jul 24, 2019

It is open, after a six-year break the fish market in the Old Port of Dubrovnik has finally been reopened. The newly opened fish market, which will breathe some life back into the Old City, was opened by the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, yesterday.

"Six years ago, someone turned off the light, closed the door to say goodbye to the fish market. It seemed impossible to reach the suitable technical conditions, and although there is only a small number of fishermen, it is very important for the city to have this market in function because it marks the identity of the city. If we lose all urban elements, then we will lose people,” concluded the Mayor of Dubrovnik.


For centuries the fish market had been an important landmark, both as a source of fresh produce and as a meeting place, for the city and its inhabitants. Six years ago it was closed, mainly due to unsuitable safety conditions, but now after a lot of hard work and effort the fish market is up and running again.

And although the small population of the historic core may not be numerous enough to support such a market there could well be interest from the hundreds of guests renting rooms inside the city walls. Buying fish caught in the Adriatic Sea, literally within minutes of them being caught, and then sold in a historic market could, and probably should, become a tourist attraction as well as a source of fresh seafood for locals.

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