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Dubrovnik taxi driver shows true compassion Ahmet Kalajdžić

Dubrovnik taxi driver shows true compassion

By  Jul 24, 2019

Credit where credit is due. And this time from a service that is very often the butt of bad publicity. A reader of the newspaper Dubrovacki Vjesnik contacted them to praise the service provided by a taxi driver, although the reader wanted to remain anonymous the name and indeed firm of the taxi driver were give. So well done to the company Blue Taxi (Plavi Taxi) and the young taxi driver Ivo Martinovic.

A citizen suffering from a serious illness called the taxi company last night to drive him from his home to the General Hospital of Dubrovnik. The taxi driver was not only extremely friendly and helpful and drove him to the hospital, waited for him outside the hospital, and then drove him back home, but also he didn’t charge him for the service!

“He didn’t want to take one Kuna!” explained the man. He just said, "I know how it is when someone is severely ill. His actions were so kind that I almost felt like crying. I think he and his company deserve public praise!”


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