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Will Boris Johnson remember his Dubrovnik holiday as “peachy” or as “avoid the euro, my Croatian friends”

By  Jul 23, 2019

The UK has a new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and tomorrow he will officially take up his role as the 77th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. And Prime Minister Johnson is no stranger to Dubrovnik and the south of Croatia. Back in 2012 the then Mayor of London decided to take a family holiday in Neretva and Dubrovnik and was blown away by the nature and culture.

Describing the wider Dubrovnik region Johnson commented for The Telegraph that “The landscape was peachy: the sea was turquoise; the air was scented with myrtles and thyme; and a series of amazing islands lay stretched before us like a school of green-backed whales.”

In 2012 he stayed in the Villa Stolovi in Neretva, a luxurious five-bedroom villa with stunning views over the Adriatic Sea, complete with a wine cellar, swimming pool and tennis court.

boris johnson in croatia villa stolovi

However apart from being blown away at the beauty of Croatia Boris Johnson also had a few choice words at the time for Croatia’s European future and especially the introduction of the Euro as the official currency.

“The euro makes an absolute mockery of independence, self-determination – all the things so many Croats fought and died for. Sure, the tyranny of Brussels is not a violent one, and it is not as poisonous as the tyranny of Belgrade. It is a velvet kind of tyranny, but a tyranny none the less. Avoid the euro, my Croatian friends. In 10 years’ time I want to go back, order a bottle of superb red Dingac, and pay for it in Kuna,” wrote the new Prime Minister in an article in The Telegraph.

johnson in neretva 2012

Clearly seven years ago his opinions about the EU and the Euro were leading him towards heading up Brexit. It will be interesting to see how Boris deals with Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenkovic, in the future as he is a former MEP and a strong supporter of the whole European Union movement.

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