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Al Lusail in the Bay of Zupa Al Lusail in the Bay of Zupa Mark Thomas

Is the Sheikh owner of Harrods looking to investment in Dubrovnik tourism?

By  Jul 23, 2019

There are yachts, there are mega yachts, and then there is the Emir of Qatar’s yacht! Al Lusail set back the Emir a whopping $300 million when he purchased it back in 2016 and is the 24th longest private yacht in the world and it certainly dominated the Adriatic when it arrived in the Bay of Zupa yesterday.

Al Lusail in croatia

Reported to be worth $2.5 billion the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim, at 39 is the youngest sovereign in the world.

Al Lusail emir 2019

Rumours were abound that the billionaire Sheikh had arrived in Dubrovnik to cast his eye over investing into a hotel resort, with even a local politician suggesting he was here to inspect the Kupari resort.

Sheikh Tamim is the head of the Qatar Investment Authority which, apart from owning Qatar’s oil and gas interests, is also the owner of the luxury London store Harrods.


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