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Rent-a-car agencies at Dubrovnik Airport see 800 vehicles rented a day

By  Jul 23, 2019

If the tourist season, as some claim is worse than last year, then the rent-a-car companies at the Dubrovnik Airport certainly aren’t feeling the pinch. Rent-a-car agencies at the airport are blooming, with more customers than ever before. Some estimates show that around 800 cars are being rented out every day, reports Dubrovacki Vjesnik.

“The season is really very good. Every day we are renting out around 60 cars. We can report that we have had no difficulties with customers the parties, although we have had numerous problems with the infrastructure at the airport itself. We simply don’t have enough room. Before the reconstruction started they did not advise or take into account the needs of rent-a-car agencies. We do not have enough space for vehicles,” commented a rent-a-car agent in one of the major agencies.

Another fellow agent who works for a smaller agency at the airport added that the season is excellent, and that prices have come back to normal.

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And a third agent commented, “This season may be a little better than last year, we have no right to complain. There are a lot of cars on the market, but also a lot of guests. True, no one gives the exact figures, but from the 20 agencies operating at the airport, I think that the larger have at least 150 rentals a day, and then the medium sized ones have between 40 and 80 rentals a day. And then the smaller agencies have between 15 and 20 rentals a day. The average number of vehicles rented is probably higher at the weekend than during the week, but roughly around 800 vehicles are rented out on a daily basis,” added a young rent-a-car worker.

“We have days when we rent around a dozen, but we have 60 reservations on weekends. You could say that we sometimes haven’t enough cars to rent out. I am sure that between 700 and 800 cars are rented out every day. Prices in the summer start from around 50 Euros for a smaller, compact car and most of our bookings come via the internet,” adds another agent.

And it would be true to say that prices vary massively. In the compact car section, we found a three-door VW Polo for 359 Kunas a day, and a Toyota Yaris at twice that price for 780 Kunas a day. In the winter prices are considerably lower. 

As tourists often rely on GPS navigation systems and are not used to driving on the busy Dubrovnik roads the majority of the agents were in accord that the number of accidents is relatively low.

"Of course there are accidents, but considering how much traffic there is and how many cars we rent out it is a really negligible number. We would like to take this opportunity to comment on how British and Australians cope so well with driving on the opposite side of the road than their how countries. It's not so easy! We have clients who come into the car and do not even know how to operate the gear box, or where the clutch is and others who have limited experience of driving on European roads. Bur all in all they do very well and we have very little bad experiences,” concludes an agent.

Dubrovacki Vjesnik also found an agency who had a story from the other end of the scale. From the time one client rented a car in the rent-a-car agency to the time he called to say that he had completely scrapped the side of the rented Mercedes was only 13 minutes! Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident and such “express” accident are very rare. However, clients filling up at the petrol station with the wrong type of fuel is less rare.

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