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Have Your Dubrovnik Say - Dubrovnik is cheaper than Western Europe and more expensive than Eastern Europe

By  Jul 23, 2019

Every week through the height of summer we are hitting the streets of Dubrovnik to discover what you, our visitors, think about the city as a tourist destination. This week we caught up with a young couple from San Lorenza in Argentina.

Marcus Venitez and Teresa Varene – Argentina

What are your impressions of Dubrovnik?

The most impressive is the walled Old City, a very beautiful city with the walls and the fortresses. In fact, I didn't really expect it, I knew about the sea and the islands but I didn’t expect to see so much history and culture in Dubrovnik.

What do you think about the prices?

Compared with Argentina the whole of Europe is expensive. However, Dubrovnik is cheaper than Western Europe and more expensive than Eastern Europe. We have come from Bosnia and the prices are certainly higher here, but compared with Italy or Spain the city is much cheaper. But the hostel was expensive, we were in a shared room and paid 45 Euros a night.

Are you satisfied with the level of service you have received?

Yes, everywhere, in the hostel, in bars and restaurants the level of service has been excellent. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised with the cleanliness, you have a very clean and tidy city.

Is there something you would have liked to done in Dubrovnik but weren’t able to?

No, we caught the public buses around the city and they work very well. The only thing that we didn’t get to see was the island of Lokrum. We were looking forward to it but the ticket price was just too much for us. We couldn’t afford it. They wanted 20 Euros per person and that was out of our possibility. It’s a shame.

How long did you stay in Dubrovnik?

We stayed for two days in Dubrovnik and now we are going to Split by bus.


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