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Dubrovnik the darling of the social media scene in Croatia

Written by  Jul 18, 2019

Dubrovnik is the absolute king of social media in Croatia. By far the most traffic and interest of any Croatian destination on the web and social media is drummed up by Dubrovnik with nearly twice as much interest as the second Croatian city.

From the 10th of June until the 10th of July the online media reporting company Mediatoolkit ran a survey and analytics of Croatia on social media and the web. Their findings revealed that Croatia was mentioned 72,869 times, or 2,400 times a day on social media, which is a massive 222 percent increase over the same period from last year.

To put these figures into some context over the same time period one of Croatia’s competitors in the tourism industry, Italy, was also analysed and received around 7,500 mentions a day.

The majority of the mentions on social media came from the United States, the UK, Switzerland, Germany and Italy, with the vast majority of mentions, or 89 percent, written in a positive form. Many comments and posts talk about the natural beauty of Croatia and the sea as well as the islands and history. And by far the most used social media channel is Instagram.

Dubrovnik is the darling of the social media scene in Croatia with 12,759 mentions over the time period, followed by Split with 7,313 and Rovinj with 3,898. Of course a far few of the Dubrovnik mentions are connected with the popular HBO serial Game of Thrones, with King’s Landing mentioned around 4,000 times.

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