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Goran Visnjic visits Dubrovnik animal shelter

Written by  Jun 19, 2016

Hollywood actor Goran Visnjic paid a visit to the Dubrovnik animal shelter on Zarkovic yesterday where he met with the President of the City Council of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, and Anica Sambrailo, the President of the Society for the protection of animals in Dubrovnik.

The Visnijic family are strong supporters of the Dubrovnik animal shelter and have been vocal in their condemnation of the new shelter that has been constructed in the vicinity of the existing one. Once again Goran Visnjic, who starred in ER as Dr. Luka Kovac, emphasised his desire to help with the construction of a new home in a suitable location. With Frankovic he toured the new home that was built by the City of Dubrovnik. “A monument to stupidity,” was how Frankovic described the new home as it cost around half a million Kunas and has yet to be opened as the Croatian Ministry of Culture have banned any further works on the site.

“This behaviour which the mayor of Dubrovnik, Andro Vlahusic, and his closest associates have shown with this new unused home is testimony to their ignorance and incompetence. They have thrown money into the wind and for this there is no penalty, there should be a moral responsibility,” concluded Frankovic.

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Mato Frankovic and Goran Visnjic 

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