Saturday, 22 February 2020

First stages of full closure of Dubrovnik waste landfill site underway

By  Jul 14, 2019

Works on finally closing the main rubbish landfill site in Dubrovnik after years of lost time due to poor organisation and political wranglings. G.T Trade from Split have started on the first phase of the closure of the Grabovica municipal waste landfill site, and are working in accordance to a contract signed in May this year.

This 12 million Kuna investment in the first phase is the first precondition for the total closure of the landfill site by the end of 2020, for which the City of Dubrovnik will partially use funds from the environmental protection and energy efficiency budget.

After the closure of Grabovica, the municipal waste will be transported to another location where a county waste management centre will be constructed. However, the future site of this new centre has yet to be published.

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