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Famous designer nails the Bottle Cap Challenge while visiting Dubrovnik Instagram screenshot

Famous designer nails the Bottle Cap Challenge while visiting Dubrovnik

By  Jul 12, 2019

One of the hottest designers on the fashion scene today – Alex Wang – joined the company of celebrities spending vacation in Croatia on their yachts. After Bon Jovi, Stallone family and many others, Wang also decided to hop on luxurious yacth and enjoy the beauty of our coast.

The designer used this opportunity to fulfill currently trending 'Bottle Cap Challenge', in which people unscrew a bottle cap with a 360-degree kick. However, he decided to do it on his special way – with his hair! The video, which he published on his official Instagram profile, says that his location is: Dubrovnik! And the bottle of water shown in video is Croatian – Jana.

Wang challenged actress Reese Witherspoon, who also visited Croatia back in 2016, as well as comedian and actress (and a new mum) Amy Schumer. The video caused reactions in the celebrity world and Wang got comments from Ashley Benson, Nicola Peltz, Bardia Zeinali, Ryan Korban and many others.

Wang is known for his urban designs. After designing a Fall 2008 collection using black as the predominant color, he designed his Spring 2009 collection using bright colors such as orange, dusty purple, aqua and hot pink. In the meantime he has reverted to using mainly black fabrics, and is often praised for exhibiting outstanding tailoring skills.


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