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Red Cross in Dubrovnik Red Cross in Dubrovnik

Suffering from heat stroke in the Dubrovnik summer – ask the Red Cross for help

Written by  Jul 09, 2019

Is the heat getting to you, feeling a little under the weather or have twisted an ankle of the slippery stone streets? The Dubrovnik Red Cross is on hand to help. The City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik red Cross have, for a fifth year in a row, organised special points around the historic old City to help tourists and fellow citizens.

During the summer months, the young Red Cross team with basic medical equipment helps fellow citizens and tourists who experience problems of weakness, exhaustion, heat stroke, sunburn, dehydration, burns, sprains and wrists, cuts, blisters, fractures, contusions, insect bites, headaches, panic attacks, etc.


The first aid teams are made by the young employees of Red Cross who have undergone a basic and advanced course of providing first aid and basic knowledge about the Red Cross and communication skills.

The project is being carried out for the fifth year in a row, and over the past years, tourists have expressed great satisfaction with this kind of approach to the guests, stressing that the symbol of the Red Cross, which is recognizable everywhere in the world, brings a sense of security.

This year, the entire project is being carried out in the city of Dubrovnik: Stradun, Dubrovnik walls, Dubrovnik beaches, Lokrum island and Ston walls, 60 young people are included, all with advanced knowledge of first aid.