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Bravo Eugenia in Dubrovnik Bravo Eugenia in Dubrovnik Anđelka Kelava

Dallas Cowboys owner sails into Dubrovnik on $250 million yacht

By  Jul 07, 2019

The owner of the American football club, the Dallas Cowboys, sailed into Dubrovnik this morning on board his mega luxury yacht “Bravo Eugenia” which set him back a tidy $250 million.

Jerry Jones (76), the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and believed to have a net worth of $8 billion, actually paid $100 million more for this super yacht than he did when he purchased the Cowboys back in 1989.

dallas cowboys owner yacht

Bravo Eugenia certainly turned heads as she dropped anchor near the island of Daksa, in front of the Port of Dubrovnik, with her sleek lines. And as the yacht is 109 metres in length, holding a crew of 30 and room for 14 passengers she isn’t difficult to spot. The yacht is named after his wife, Eugenia Jones.