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ATMs everywhere in Dubrovnik ATMs everywhere in Dubrovnik Božo Radić/HANZA media

Only 9 of the 41 ATMs in the Old City of Dubrovnik have valid licenses

By  Jul 06, 2019

After the amendments to the decree on the Municipal Order, with which the City of Dubrovnik prescribed the ban on placing ATMs on buildings in the historic core communal officers have been inspecting the automatic bank machines located around the Old City.

A survey on the 41 ATM machines inside the historic Old City walls showed that only 9 of them have a valid approval from the conservation department.

If the owners / users of the other 32 ATMs do not comply with the City of Dubrovnik’s decision they will be fined unless they are removed within 30 days.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, sent to the City Council of the City of Dubrovnik a proposal to amend the Decree on the Utility Order, which was unanimously adopted by the City Council at the 23rd session held on 27 June. This new law means that all ATMs inside the city walls must have approval and all relevant documents from the Conservation Department. The City of Dubrovnik became the first Croatian town to set strict procedures for the issue of ATMs.

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