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VIDEO - Behind the scenes of the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones technology

By  Jul 04, 2019

So why does Dubrovnik look, well bigger and even more impressive, as King’s Landing in the HBO global hit Game of Thrones. Probably because a large chunk of the overall budget was spent on CGI, or computer generated imagery.

But how did they build that castle on top of that existing Dubrovnik fortress, by spending another pile of cash on 3D modelling of Dubrovnik. When you see the amount of work that went into making Dubrovnik into the centre of the Seven Kingdoms it is no wonder that the series was a hit, if only they hadn’t ballsed up the ending.

A new video has been released giving a brief insight into a small part of the technology, in fact Lidar technology, that went on behind the scenes. “Lidar technology is more present in our lives than we realize – and sometimes even while we watch television, for instance. Imaging hardware and software from Teledyne Optech helped to enable 3D spatial data acquisition and visual effects for HBO’s hit series, 'Game of Thrones'. A team utilized Teledyne’s Lidar technology to create a detailed 3D representation of the old city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, as the model for the fictional city of King’s Landing,” states an article on

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