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Amazing 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival to start in a week: This is a toy worth keeping and developing!

By  Jul 03, 2019

The time has come: in a week the big 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival will open! On Wednesday, July 10th at 9 pm, rising of the Libertas flag will mark the start of the Festival that will last all to August 25th. It will be held on about thirty scenic and ambience locations of the city of Dubrovnik. The Festival lasts for 47 days and includes over 80 drama, music, ballet, movie, folklore and many other performances.

This year's special, jubilee Festival program was presented at the press conference by the Artistic Director Dora Ruzdjak Podolski, Executive Director Ivana Medo Bogdanovic and famous director Paolo Magelli. The Mayor of Dubrovnik Mato Frankovic and the Deputy Mayor of the Dubrovnik Neretva County Zaklina Marevic have shown their support too.

-Dubrovnik Summer Festival is an outstanding spectacle. I am sure that there will be praise and criticism, but without it the Festival wouldn't be what it is – commented the Mayor Frankovic, saying that he is sure that the program is amazing and that everybody will find something for themselves.

-The variety of the program shows how much effort is put in it. I am especially delighted with the programs for children – said Deputy Marevic. Marevic also said that the Festival is the treasure of our City, or more precisely – the soul of Dubrovnik.

Dora Ruzdjak Podolski presented the rich program of the 70th festival, saying that this impressive number really made them work harder to make it good and attractive to everyone. The concept of this year's Festival is hidden behind the catchword ''The Myths of the City''. The detailed program, including three premieres, rich music and dance program and many more will be avaliable on our website soon.

Paolo Magelli, who is directing one of the most attractive plays this year – Hamlet, said that he is happy and excited to be in Dubrovnik, the city he loves immensely.
-Dubrovnik Summer Festival is the oldest kind of festival of this form in the whole wide world, since Europe means the world when it comes to theatre! This Festival is surely the most interesting, the deepest and the most complex. This toy is worth keeping and developing – Magelli commented.

Ivana Medo Bogdanovic said a couple of words about the budget, which is record breaking: 19 million kuna, which is five million more than last year's plan. She said thanks to the City of Dubrovnik, which has shown that the jubilee of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is capital cultural and social interest of the City.

-Extra money means the world to us, since we got the chance to bring programs that weren't on the Dubrovnik Summer Festival since Yugoslavia – Medo Bogdanovic said.

Only one week is left until the start of this amazing Festival. If you are visiting Dubrovnik in the next couple of months, don't miss it.