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Dubrovnik Cable Car open for business again

By  Jun 29, 2019

After just over two months of inaction the Dubrovnik Cable Car will resume carrying passengers this morning. On the 25th of April this year the cable car was forced to close by the City of Dubrovnik for non-payment of their concession fees. This situation has finally been resolved after two months and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city will restart this morning at 9:00am.

"Following the signing of the concession agreement between the City of Dubrovnik as a concessionaire and Excelsa Real Estate as the concessioner, officials of the Customs Administration today lifted the ban on the cable cars operation,” stated Excelsa Real Estate.

They added that “The cable car will therefore continue with its regular work from Saturday the 29th of June 2019 at 9 am.”

The company concluded with an apology stating that “We are grateful to our supporters and business partners for the patience and understanding they have shown over the past two months when we have not been able to provide them with a cable car service.”


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