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Extra 100,000 Kuna for cat sterilization project in Dubrovnik Grad Dubrovnik

Extra 100,000 Kuna for cat sterilization project in Dubrovnik

By  Jun 24, 2019

The Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, received a visit today from Mrs. Ljubica Kežić, a volunteer representative who for years has cared for abandoned cats in the entire city area.

At the initiative of Mrs Ljubica Kežić, a project for the castration of street cats was set up, which started in July 2018, and through this program until April 2019, a total of 446 street cats were castrated, of which 306 were females and 140 males, and in total this project cost 152,000 Kunas which was funded by the City of Dubrovnik.


Given that the funds secured for the program in 2019 were spent, Mayor Franković has decided to provide an additional 100,000 Kuna for the rebalance of the budget, so that the project can continue to be successfully implemented.

The sterilization of cats is primarily done to control and regulate the cat population, particularly when it comes to cats that are not treated and live outside.

At the meeting they also talked about a project for the future asylum, which besides the dog accommodation also has space for abandoned cats.

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