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VIDEO – Fast and furious boules in the heart of Dubrovnik

By  Jun 16, 2019

A bowling spectacle in the heart of the Old City of Dubrovnik today. Who would have thought that bowling could be so fast and furious? In front of the Rector’s Palace an international bowling tournament of precision and speed, with participants from all over the world taking part.

The popularity of bowling, or boules, is confirmed by the fact that there are over 600 clubs in the country and around 7,000 registered players. Today’s boule event was organised by the Dubrovnik Boule Association along with the Dubrovnik-Neretva Boule Association and the City of Dubrovnik.


This attractive discipline of the game that was held in Dubrovnik today brought interest from the public with a large crowd gathering to watch the sport. There was also recognition of the event from abroad with the head of the World Federation, Fredic Ruis, and the Secretary General of the Association of Bowling Sports, Cristophe Levaillant, also both attending the Dubrovnik boules event.


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