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Heat wave to bring blazing temperatures to Dubrovnik this weekend

By  Jun 14, 2019

Break out the sun cream and load up on the bottled water as Dubrovnik is about to get struck by a mini heat wave this weekend. If you thought, it was already boiling hot in Dubrovnik it’s about to get even warmer as the summer temperatures ramp up to the mid-thirties.

The State Meteorological Institute has issued a new warning for the dangers of a thermal heat wave for Dubrovnik for the 15th and 16th of June. With temperatures on both Saturday and Sunday expected to reach the mid-thirties experts are warning the public to avoid the midday sun and to take plenty of fluids with them. And night time temperatures will also be extremely warm with temperatures unlikely to drop below the mid-twenties at night.

And the online weather service AccuWeather has also published a weather warning for the Dubrovnik region stating that “Heat wave. Maximum temperature > 32 °C Stay alert for expected high temperatures. Health risks are possible in the vulnerable population, in particular senior citizens and small children.”

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