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Fire in Srebreno Fire in Srebreno Mark Thomas

Wild celebrations on final day of school go too far in Zupa

By  Jun 14, 2019

Today is the last day of school for thousands of children across Croatia and whilst clearly it is a time for celebrations things got a little out of hand in Srebreno, Zupa.

It started in the early morning hours as pupils finished school, eighth grade pupils aged around 14 years-old, with fireworks but soon escalated this afternoon when smoke bombs turned into real smoke as a fire broke out on the Srebreno harbour in front of groups of tourists. Police were quickly on the scene to control the situation. And they were followed by the Dubrovnik Fire Brigade who extinguished the fires.

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Bearing in mind that Dubrovnik is currently in the midst of a heat wave and the vegetation is dry it was good fortune that kept the fires, in what appeared to be tyres, contained. Whilst the end of school is an obvious excuse to celebrate this moronic behaviour passes any levels of common sense.

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