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Beaches in Dubrovnik almost ready for the swimming season

By  Jun 13, 2019

The city of Dubrovnik continues with works of cleaning up and preparing the beaches for the summer season in the town and suburban area. For this year's swimming season, beaches Stikovica, Brsecine, Zaton Bunica and Hawaii in Orasac are ready, where the necessary works are completed.

In Stikovica, a partially wreckage of a bathing site has been cemented, a canal by the beach was cleared, and the beach is straightened and more rocks were added. Works worth 204 thousand kuna included the installation of showers and an information table for the beach. In Brsecine and Zaton Bunica the beaches are aligned, cleansed and the rocks were added, while preparations for putting up showers were also made in Bunica. In Hawaii, damage on the access path, access stairs and smaller parts of the plateau were repaired, and on these three beaches a total of 158,975 kuna was spent.

The works continue on the beaches of Lozica, Trsteno and Kalamota-Jekavac, while, in the previous period, the rehabilitation of the beaches Belvedere, Porporela, Sulic, Dance, Bellevue and the beach in Mokosica have been completed. TheDepartment of Tourism, the Ministry of the Economy and the Sea, when drafting the plan of works, accepted all justified requests that were sent by city districts and local committees. The funds provided in the Budget for this purpose amount to a total of 2.5 million kuna with VAT.

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