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A Dubrovnik night to remember A Dubrovnik night to remember CROPIX, REUTERS

Wild night out in Dubrovnik night club ends with 50,000 Euro bill!

By  Jun 12, 2019

Vintage French wines, magnums of Dom Perignon Champagne and bottles and bottles of alcohol in a leading Dubrovnik nightclub proved a party to remember for guests on the luxury yacht “Yas” from the United Arab Emirates. And the bill at the end of the wild night in Dubrovnik a whopping 50 thousand Euros!

This weekend at the Culture Club Revelin, inside the historic city centre of Dubrovnik, guests from the Yas yacht, owned by Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, a member of the royal family of the United Arab Emirates, drunk their way to a bill of 368,120 Kunas with a selection of all of the best bottles on offer at the popular nightclub. The mega yacht Yas can accommodate 60 guests and has a crew of 56 employees. And it is worth around 180 million dollars!

With thumping dance music, exotic dancers and enough bottles of the best vintages to fill a swimming pool the yacht passengers finished their night out in the early morning hours, in fact the party finished at 6:00 am as the sun was already coming up. However, according to visitors to this club, everything was "within the limits of normal behaviour" because the guests from the Emirates did not attract the attention of other guests.

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And although there were some slight complications when it came to settling up at the end of the night the whole bill, of a whopping 50 thousand Euros, was settled.

The United Arab Emirates party downed Dom Perignon and Chivas Regal Whiskey, as well as bottles of the French champagne Roederer Cristal Rose and Armand de Briganac Rose. The highlight of the evening was probably a 6 litre bottle of Armand de Briganac which cost a staggering 120,000 Kuna! Now that is a night out that the staff at the club and the yacht’s passengers will not forget in a hurry. It only leaves us to wonder what size of tip they left?

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