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Red History Museum hits first place on Tripadvisor

By  Jun 12, 2019

The newest museum in Dubrovnik, Red History Museum, that opened its doors a month and a half ago reached first place on Tripadvisor! 

-A huge Thank you!!! to all who supported us through TripAdvisor. We have reached first place of all museums in town!!! This can only motivate us to make the exhibition even better – it was stated from the museum.

What a great succes for the 'youngest' of them all. 61 reviewers marked museum as 'excellent', one as very good and one as average. Tripadvisor also put it on the 6th place of the list of the things to do in Dubrovnik.

-This little museum was great! If I compare it to other museums in Dubrovnik it's a real change. It looks small but it's really detailed, you can explore a socialist apartment by yourself, listen to music of the time, even try on the clothes!!! I had fun and learned a lot. For a 50 kuna fee it's really worth it and I would recommend it to everyone! – says one of the visitors.

-When you enter the museum it's like you open a door to the past. You can experience first-hand life in the communist era and learn interesting facts about Yugoslavia. This is not an usual "walk and see" museum - you can interact with the exibits (open drawers, listen to music, see the news etc.). We had a lot of fun here and highly recommend it – the other visitor adds.

If you want to learn the story about the museum, read our article from couple months ago: RED HISTORY MUSEUM – new Dubrovnik museum to open the door on the Yugoslav socialist past

You can visit this amazing museum from 9 am to 10 pm at the address Svetog Kriza 3.

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