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Jessica Alba on a flying visit to Dubrovnik to promote LA’s Finest

By  Jun 11, 2019

As part of New Europe Market 2019 (NEM), a media event held annually in Dubrovnik in June the Hollywood A line actresses Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union participated in a panel discussion to present their new series LA’s Finest. This new series focuses on two female detectives working on the streets of Los Angeles.


These is the first time that these two actresses have visited Dubrovnik and in fact Croatia but it was very much a working meeting for the pair as they only spent a couple of days in Dubrovnik and hadn’t even had time to explore the Old City yet. Asked whether they would make time Alba answered “We’ll try and make time.”


“Jessica has a very adventurous spirit,” commented Union on her co-actor. And Alba revealed a Dubrovnik story that seemed to make this up. It appeared she had used a Segway and had been travelling around the Bay of Lapad when “I nearly fell off.”




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