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WELL DONE: Norwegian students clean beach at Kolocep during their Dubrovnik trip

By  Jun 11, 2019

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board, in cooperation with Professor Marlena Cukteras from the Green Sea Safari Association and Trondheim International School from Trondheim, Norway, organized a beach cleaning action at Gornje celo on the island of Kolocep on Thursday, June 6th. In a volunteer beach cleaning action, around twenty Norwegian students participated, volunteering for a day during their excursion in Dubrovnik. The praiseworthy practice of their school is to contribute with volunteering to the community in which they reside through socially useful work. On this occasion, the students collected 45 large bags of garbage that the sea brought to Kolocep. After the eco-action was done, the students enjoyed their time at the clean beach and at the island in general.

The Green Sea Safari Association is engaged in the cleaning of isolated beaches, islands and bays from the marine litter (plastic bottles, bags, tires, etc.), and their desire is to organize as many cleaning actions as possible, contributing to improving the health and quality of life and increasing the sustainable development of our islands and coastal areas. Due to the geographical position of the Elafiti and the sea currents, a large part of the marine waste accumulates on our beaches, bays and islands. Beginning in June, the Association organizes day-trips to Elafiti on one of the beaches or bays with the marine waste. After disposing the waste, a further tour of the Elafiti is organized, in orderd to look for contaminated sites for the next action.

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