Saturday, 06 June 2020

Peljesac Bridge construction going full steam ahead

By  Jun 10, 2019

The future Peljesac Bridge is slowly but surely taking shape. The first stage of the construction, the installation of 148 permanent pilots was finished a full 12 days ahead of schedule, on the 11th of May, and now comes news that these pilots are being filled with concrete. In the longest and deepest bridge pilots concrete is being pumped after the mud and sludge was removed.

Concrete mixer trucks are arriving on site and then a ferry takes them to the site of the pilots where they unload. "We now filling the first pilot group with reinforced concrete," said Zhang Fei, the Construction Control Manager of China Bridges and Roads.

The concrete production plant of the Croatian co-operative is on the Peljesac side of the construction site. From now on, the plan is to fill two to three pilots a day.


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