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Dubrovnik still by far the most expensive real estate in Croatia

By  Jun 02, 2019

Property prices across Croatia rose on average by 2.8 percent in April, with Dubrovnik still having the most expensive real estate in the country.

According to data published by the online property website the average price per metre squared of a house in Dubrovnik is 4,050 Euros. And this makes Dubrovnik the only Croatian city where average prices per square metre are more expensive for a house than an apartment.

In fact, house prices in Dubrovnik rose by 3.4 percent when compared with the same month from 2018 and at 4,000 Euros properties in the city are almost double the price many of the other cities.

The most sought after Croatian cities in April were Zagreb, Osijek, Poreč, Zadar and Pula.


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