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June to open with sunshine as Dubrovnik weather settles down after disastrous May

By  May 31, 2019

After one the worst ever months of weather for decades Dubrovnik should be in for a more settled and warmer start to June. This weekend will see a mixture of sunshine and clouds, with even the chance of a few scattered showers, but in comparison to the May it will finally feel like summer has arrived in Dubrovnik.

Saturday will open with sunshine and clouds and temperatures predicted to be 21 degrees by midday, with highs to reach 23 degrees by the mid-afternoon. There will be some cloud cover during the day but generally it will fell warm and calm with a slight south-westerly wind. Possibly a good day to hit the beaches, although the Adriatic still hasn’t reached its summer temperature and is around 19.5 degrees. Although this may seem warm it must be taken into account that during the summer the temperatures reach a bath like 27 degrees.

Sunday will also see more settled weather with clouds and sunshine, although it will be a couple of degrees cooler than Saturday, with highs to reach 21 degrees by mid-afternoon. There is a small chance of some scattered showers but compared to May these will be light and infrequent. All in all, a great weekend to be al fresco in Dubrovnik and for the brave to dip in the Adriatic Sea.


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