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Dubrovnik traditions disrespected and conservation department steps in Jelena Pače Sentović

Dubrovnik traditions disrespected and conservation department steps in

By  May 30, 2019

The iconic main street through the Old City of Dubrovnik, the Stradun, has over recent years turned into a mecca for ATM machines. Whereas years ago the Stradun could boast only a couple of bank machines now it seems that every shop front and doorway is a cash dispenser.

And with the mega high rents throughout the city business owners could be forgiven for wanting to cover at least some of their rent by facilitating ATMs, and with banks paying up to 20,000 Kuna a month for the privilege a large chunk of rent is taken care of.

However, this multi-coloured machines are becoming more common than pigeons and the latest addition has caused the conservation department to step in, and not just because of the ugly ATMs but because the traditional green wooden doors have been replaced by new metal ones.

After a complaint from the Green Forum organisation on the new doors the conservation department have ordered that the doors must be returned to their original state.

“The owner / investor for the works did not obtain the prior approval of the competent Conservation Department and the works in accordance with the Law on Protection and Conservation of Cultural Property were suspended,” commented the conservation department. Adding that the owner must return the doors to the original state.


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