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Closed until further notice Closed until further notice

Dubrovnik cable car closed until the 30th of June at least

By  May 28, 2019

The iconic Dubrovnik cable car will remain closed until the 30th of June. The owners of the cable car, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, Excelsa Real Estate have notified all travel agencies via post that the cable car will be closed up and including the 30th of June. They state in the letter that the cable car is closed due to “force majeure.” However, the reality is that the cable car was forced to close on the 25th of April after the Customs Administration closed the cable car for non-payment of concession fees.

The City of Dubrovnik and Exselsa Real Estate have been locked in a legal battle ever since the cable car was closed down, with both sides seemingly determined not to back down. “Without a concession the cable car is closed and there is simply no denial and disrespect for clearly defined decisions. I hope that Excelsa Real Estate will pay their debts from the past and after that a concession will be signed which is mutually satisfactory for both sides,” commented the Mayor of Dubrovnik when the cable car was forced to close.

In this latest news from Excelsa Real Estate they express that negotiations to resolve the current situation are ongoing travel agents and partners will be informed when the situation changes.