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FOOTBALL FUN: Fans from Dubrovnik imitate Corluka and become popular all over the country

Written by  Jun 13, 2016

Croatians are really into football and almost nobody missed the game between Turkey and Croatia yesterday. A group of fans from Dubrovnik got really popular after posting a photo imitating one of the players, Vedran Corluka, who was hurt during the match and had his head wrapped in bandage couple of times.

They wrapped their heads in toilet paper and really thrilled the people, who posted them all around social media, on the most popular Croatian Facebook pages. They even got to the national media!

Fun fact: our graphic designer Kristian is the part of this fan group. Good to see The Dubrovnik Times team is becoming popular!


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                  Injured Vedran Corluka on the field / Photo by: Ronald Gorsic / CROPIX

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