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Feel the tradition of Konavle ice and wine in Dubrovnik this Saturday Ivana Smilovic

Feel the tradition of Konavle ice and wine in Dubrovnik this Saturday

By  May 24, 2019

Attractive presentation of Konavle wine and tradition will be held on Saturday, May 25th, named ‘’Konavle ice and wine’’. The event is part of ‘Spring in Konavle’ and organized by the Agroturism Konavle. For this purpose, in the lobby of the Sponza palace, a symbolic stand will be set up where Konavle wine, cooled with Konavle ice will be exhibited.

It’s good to know the story behind this event! The Republic of Dubrovnik has in many respects been the most advanced country in its time. Among other things, it was because its gastronomic culture, which, together with domestic products, included spices from all over the world. But one product that the Dubrovnik locals had on a daily basis was a real sensation. In the midst of the largest summer heat, on the tables of the Dubrovnik gentry, from the depths of the Snijeznica, ice came on every day.

There were three ice canals in the Snijeznica. During the winter months, under the supervision of one or more soldiers, the peasants filled the canals shaped like wells with snow. Ice wells would then be closed with a key, and throw brushwood and straw on them to keep the ice better. According to the data dating back to 1783, from May 20th to August 20th more than 15 tons of ice would come to the City, so it is easy to calculate that 170 kg of ice was spent daily. It was just one of the prestigious products that the City and the Republic got from the fascinating Konavle, region with extraordinary beauty and natural wealth. Today, Konavle produces excellent wines, and the top of the wine offer is the Malvasia of the Konavle producers.

In honor of the Konavle ‘’ice-man’’ and the memorial to the ancient Dubrovnik Republic on Saturday, Konavljani will once again bring ice and wine from Konavle to the city to show the richness of Dubrovnik and Konavle, and treat all the citizens and the guests as well as the Duke of Dubrovnik treated the most important guests of our Republic.

This year's event is sponsored by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.

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