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Top 10 reasons to visit Dubrovnik

Written by  Jun 13, 2016

On the site 101Reasons it's possible to add any kind of list and people can vote on it or contribute by adding a reason. So, the list of the 10 reasons to visit Dubrovnik was made by people who voted which reason they find the most inviting and here is the list:

1.    The islands
2.    The impressive City Wall
3.    It's the location of the Game of Thrones
4.    Take the outstading Game of Thrones tour
5.    The rich history
6.    Watch outstanding theatre in a fort
7.    The cuisine
8.    The staggering range of music
9.    Go to the pharmacy!
10.    The wine

You can see the full list with the details here and also, you can contribute by 'liking' the reason you like the most or adding the reason of your own.

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