Tuesday, 17 September 2019
Mayor Frankovic presents new animal shelter Mayor Frankovic presents new animal shelter

Dubrovnik plans to build new animal shelter

By  May 22, 2019

The conceptual solution of the future animal shelter for abandoned dogs and cats was presented by the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, yesterday. The new animal shelter will cover an area of 20,500 square meters and will be able to house 350 dogs and 50 cats. It will be built at the location of Grabovica, near the existing waste disposal site, which is currently undergoing rehabilitation and is gradually being closed down closure.

"The area planned is in accordance with the applicable rules, meets all legal standards and this will be one of the best animal shelters in the world because this kind of concept has so far not been developed to this size. I believe that this animal shelter will ultimately be something that the City of Dubrovnik will be able to boast about to the international public. Working on this project, we have been thinking about the future," said Frankovic, as he presented the project to journalists.

The animal shelter is designed as a cascading building, which is divided into entrances, reception area and staff spaces and animal accommodation facilities. The shelter’s animal housing space consists of a closed area for each animal separately and an open part of a separate fenced area within the shelter. Training facilities and socialization areas for the dogs will also be provided.


In the service building there will be room for veterinarians, trainers and other necessary staff, and there will be room for volunteers who would like to be included in the animal shelter procedure.

And there will also be a “dog hotel” or kennels where people can leave their dogs to be looked after if they go away on a trip.
The construction should begin at the end of this year, and the estimate is that it will take about a year to complete. The Initial estimation of the value of the project is around 14 million Kuna, and it will be partly financed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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