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Ferrari caught speeding at incredible 238 km/h on Croatian highway

By  May 14, 2019

Clearly not everyone is in a relaxed and laid back mood when on holiday in Croatia, some tourists have a need for speed. A Ferrari was clocked doing an incredible 238.5 km/h on the A1 highway.

The speeding driver was caught on the 12th of May at 3:40pm. The Norwegian driver was clearly in a hurry to start his holiday; he has a souvenir of Croatia but probably not the one he wanted. He was fined for the driving offence and given a one-month ban from driving in the Republic of Croatia.

In the section of the A1 motorway where he was caught speeding the speed limit is 120 kilometres per hour, in other words he was almost doing twice the speed limit, and rather unsurprisingly he recorded the highest speed offence in the Dubrovnik area this week.   

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