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Romanian Ambassador chats with Mayor Frankovic Romanian Ambassador chats with Mayor Frankovic Grad Dubrovnik

Romanian Ambassador on official visit to Dubrovnik

By  May 14, 2019

The Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, received an official visit from the Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Croatia, Constantine-Mihail Grigorie, yesterday.

Ambassador Grigorie explained that Romania has very good relations with Croatia and that this year is the most intense and productive year in diplomatic relations between the two countries. He also expressed hope for the appointment of an honorary Romanian consul in Dubrovnik, and Mayor Frankovic said that this would be a great honour for the city as more and more Romanian citizens are visiting Dubrovnik.

Mayor Franković also stressed that Dubrovnik is interested in partnership and creating new connections, which is also proven by the excellent relations that Dubrovnik maintains and develops with all city friends.

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