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Lapad to have new coastline in future project

By  May 11, 2019

The City of Dubrovnik as an investor has obtained the first building permit for the reconstruction and expansion of the Lapad coast. The investment is estimated at around 40 million Kuna, covering the area from the port of Batala to the Faculty of Economics.

The project ultimately foresees a two-way road on the Lapad coast, as opposed to the current one-way road. In addition to the reconstruction and extension of the road the project also includes a whole new drainage system as well as a new public lighting system and telecommunication network. Along the entire length of the road, on the left hand side, a new footpath will be installed, while the right hand side there will be a “green belt” and parking spaces.

Construction works are planned to start at the end of this year, and the whole project will be funded by the City of Dubrovnik and EU funds.

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